Ringawera Olive Sourdough

600g sourdough packed with kalamata olives. Wheat flour, salt and olives.

Brioche Loaf

400g of deliucious buttery goodness. Contains wheat flour, organic milk, free range eggs, NZ butter, sugar, salt and yeast.

Mixed Grain Seed Loaf

Our mixed grain loaf is a fantastic flavoursome bread. As always it contains no additives, no imporovers, just good old fashioned best quality ingredients.
Wheat flour, brown rice, polenta, rolled oats, bran, rye meal, brown sugar, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, salt, yeast, and a little egg wash on top.

Ringawera Wai Muffins

This is our take on English Muffins. These are made with butter, free range egg yolks and organic milk. Soft and light, fantastic under poached eggs.

Ringawera Burger Buns

These are delicious. We use butter and free range eggs with organic milk in these light and soft buns. Our standard 120g bun is big, but if you get to have a burger at Wild on Waiheke you'll get to have our 150g super burger bun.

Ringawera Hot O and X Buns

This is a seasonal product. Ringawera Hot O and X Buns are available from 1st of March until Easter. These are amazingly good. We use NZ butter, organic milk, free range eggs and a fresh and tasty secret fruit mix which you will love. Get you orders in now.

Ringawera Brioche Buns

Ringawera Brioche buns are a rich buttery light mouthful (or two at least). These are 130g so great for breakfast or mid morning snack time. We make these in chocolate, Cinnamon, coffee and fig or blueberry.

Ringawera Chocolate Croissant

Real butter and chocolate, what more could you ask for

Ringawera Croissant

Croissant is from the French word for "crescent". Ok this is a little confusing as not all croissants are crescent shaped, and there are several stories about the reason for this, read my little blog about this(20/2/12). At Ringawera we identify our chocolate croissants by making them crescent shaped. We use only real butter in our Croissants. These are hand rolled by Ringawera.

Ringawera Waiheke Pide

This bread is our most popular loaf. It is baked hot and fast to give it a distinct lightness. It contains Waiheke Olive oil and is topped with a light egg wash and sesame seeds.

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